Day #3 of Christmas Decorations is perhaps the easiest decoration I have ever made.  I have seen so many super cute wood slice ornaments all over Pinterest and knew they would be a great addition to my tree.

Wood Slice Ornament

I am not artistic at all….I mean stick people can sometimes be an artistic stretch for me at times.  Because of this I knew I would never be happy with anything that I might try to freehand.  Then I saw the monogram style one and it I knew that rubber stamps were the way to go.  Here are my Pinsperations…the last one is a new one I found while working on this post so I might need to make one of these too……

| One | Two | Three |

As always…a trip to Hobby Lobby was in order and I found everything I needed…..and some of it was on sale….Yay!!  I found blank wood slice ornaments in a package of 2 for $3.99 and they were half off, but they only had 1 package left….darn!  Then I headed to the wood aisle and found some individual wood slices for $2.99 each.  I used my coupon for one of them and then paid full price for a couple more.  These didn’t holes in the top to attach a hanger so the Hubs was enlisted to take care of that job.  Then I went to the rubber stamping aisle and found a cute Christmas rubber stamp for half off.  I had no idea what type of ink pad to buy so after considering my options I went with one that said it was a pigment ink pad that was permanent and opaque…sounded good to me!  I think it was about $5.99 and half off so no coupon needed there.

I took my haul home and went to work stamping my new ornaments.  Once they were dry I had the Hubs drill holes in the ones that needed them and that was it…..seriously….couldn’t be much easier!  I added some twine loops to the ones that the Hubs had drilled.  Here they are…

Here they are on my tree…

I have some extra Birch logs left over from another project I will be sharing soon so I might hade the Hubs slice some of them up and make the banner above and a few of the monogram ornaments.  How cure would those be as tags on gifts??!!??

Have a Great One All!

Patty 🙂

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