IMG_1104Hi!  I am a forty-something wife, teacher, mom to three of the cutest dogs ever, high school cheer coach, and admitted Pinterest Addict.  Seriously….I have no idea how I ever accomplished before Pinterest!!  I just can’t get enough of the fashion, DIY, and teaching ideas that are found on Pinterest.

I have been married to Jim, the hubs, for almost 19 years and  I have been teaching for 16 years.  The first 10 years were in the elementary and then I moved to the middle school and have never looked back.  I started coaching cheer a few years ago and I love it…..most of the time.

I hope that you find my content fun and interesting.  I’ll share what I find on Pinterest and how it has inspired me to do something in my own life….maybe I’ll inspire a little Pinterest Addiction in you too.